Tātai Tāngata ki te Whenua Graduation

Tātai Tāngata ki te Whenua Graduation

The Tātai Tāngata ki te Whenua o Ngāti Mutunga programme held a graduation for the first cohort that completed the 6-month māra kaupapa. The success of this programme has been immeasurable in terms of the huge benefits each participant has taken away with them. Each participant actively engaged in the online zoom, the face-to-face wānanga, practical sessions and the field trip organized as part of the programme. Together we have created a nurturing and empowering learning environment that has allowed our participants to flourish and grow.

The Tātai Tāngata ki te Whenua o Ngāti Mutunga 6-month māra programme has been an unquestionable success, achieving its objectives of providing cultural enrichment, educational opportunities, and practical skills development for whānau within our iwi. This programme has played a crucial role in preserving cultural heritage, promoting environmental sustainability, and fostering community kai resilience.

The graduation ceremony was a momentous occasion filled with pride, achievement, and celebration. Throughout the programme, our graduates have demonstrated dedication, perseverance, and a strong commitment to learning about and connecting with the whenua. They have engaged deeply with the teachings, cultural practices, and environmental knowledge passed on by our wonderful pouako Pounamu Skelton and have shown a profound respect for our land and heritage.

We are incredibly proud of each and every graduate for their achievements and the positive impact they are poised to make within their whānau, community and beyond. The knowledge and skills they have gained through the Tātai Tāngata ki te Whenua o Ngāti Mutunga programme will not only benefit them personally but also contribute to the preservation and revitalization of our culture and environment for future generations.

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