Hōiho Hāpai Hāpori

Hōiho Hāpai Hāpori

Horses Helping Humans Hōiho Hāpai Hāpori Taranaki was set up in 2020 and since has supported over 260 young people through the programme. Little horses helping little people find peace and confidence in a world they may be struggling to navigate. The six-hour programme, spread out over different time periods is for kids aged eight to eighteen who are referred to the programme by schools, police, youth agencies for a number of reasons.

Once again, we have teamed up with Horses Helping Humans and Waitara High School to offer an opportunity to our rangatahi. A boy’s group was chosen to participate in the programme which looked at ways to read and control body language, how to stand against peer pressure, and how to be a strong leader. They also learned breathing techniques and how to deal with emotions when situations are out of their control.

Some feedback from the boys once they completed the programme –

When asked what Zion Teddy thought of the program, he said, “I liked it. It was pretty cool”.

When asked what he would tell other kids about the program, he said “Enjoy it.”

“I learned how to control myself”.

“I learned to always be calm”.

“I learned to breathe”

Laura and her team provide a great space and are experts at working with our young people. All four of our boys loved their horses and the special bond they made.

We are extremely grateful for your continued support and love that Waitara High School can partner with you to help our rangatahi. We once again want to thank Laura and her team for their incredible work.

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