Education Grants

Education Grants 2024

Opening Date: Thursday 6 March 2024
Closing Date: 5:00pm Friday 3rd May 2024

We are pleased to inform whānau that our grants portal is open and ready to accept applications. Note you must register at the Māori Education Trust portal to access our grants.

IMPORTANT information:

  • Did you apply last year? If you applied last year, you would have already received an email informing you that your details are already in the NEW portal.
  • Did you apply to Māori Education Trust previously? If you have previously registered with the Māori Education Trust portal then you just need to ensure that your profile has Ngāti Mutunga (Taranaki) listed as one of your iwi and you will then see our grants.

ENSURE you have the following documentation ready for upload:

  • “ACADEMIC REFERENCE” – this is a letter from your research supervisor for Masters and PhD Level or a simple CV for other grants
  • “BANK” – this is a verification of your bank account number
  • “ENROLMENT” – this is confirmation from your institution of your enrolment
  • “NGATI MUTUNGA REGISTRATION” – this is evidence of your registration if you are 18 years + then you will need to be registered under your name (refer to the link below for the registration form)
  • “WRITTEN STATEMENT” – you will need to write and upload a statement that answers the following two questions:
    • Why have you chosen your field of study or course?
    • How will your course contribute towards Ngāti Mutunga
Please ensure you are a fully registered and validated iwi member. If you have inquiries about your iwi registration status then please contact the office or phone 06 752 3247. Our office hours are Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm

Access to Portal

If this is the first time you are applying through the Maori Education Trust you will need to create an account so you can submit your application. Please ensure that you read each section carefully and follow the instruction diligently to ensure that you successfully complete your application.

This is a new way of us processing our grants so if you have any questions please make contact with the office by phone on 06 752 3247 or by email on

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Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Mutunga accepts registrations from Ngāti Mutunga descendants world wide.

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