Kaumātua Christmas

Photo: Our Kaumātua at the Waitara NZ Returned Services and Citizens Club

Our Kaumātua Kirihimete Hākari for Ngāti Mutunga serves to honor and show appreciation for our kaumātua within the iwi. It provides an opportunity for everyone to come together, share in the joy of the holiday season and express gratitude for the wisdom and knowledge that the kaumātua have contributed to the iwi. In addition to being a festive event this special time also serves as a platform for preserving and sharing in our traditions, stories, and language. It allows for some of the younger generations to connect with the kaumātua and learn from their experiences, ensuring that the cultural heritage of Ngāti Mutunga is passed down and celebrated. This type of event also promotes a sense of belonging and community among the kaumātua, providing an opportunity for them to socialize and enjoy a special occasion in their honor.

This year our Kaumātua Kirihimete Hākari was held at the Waitara NZ Returned Services and Citizens Club on 7th December. Brent Matuku gave us a Whakapakari te Kāinga update talking to the future Urenui Pā upgrades, and what the kaumātua thought around the mahi toi. The kai was delicious and was well received as was the gift each Kaumātua was presented with.

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