Establishment of new investment entity

When the Rūnanga was set up in 2006 to receive the Treaty Settlement assets from the Crown, a structure was put in place to meet the needs of the organisation at that time.

Recently, Trustees decided on a change to that structure with the decision to establish a new entity in the form of a Limited Partnership (LP) which will handle all of our current and future investments.

A Limited Partnership is a business structure that combines some of the features of companies and partnerships. The new entity structure allows us to join collaborative investments – for example with other iwi – where our current structure does not easily allow this.

The LP will have three Directors appointed to it, and an Expressions of Interest seeking applications from suitably qualified persons who will be responsible for growing our asset base, subject to guidelines set in place by the Trustees, is below.

To manage the relationship between TRoNM and the new LP, an Investment Governance Policy (IGP) has been drafted along with sub-policies covering listed investments, property assets and business assets.

This will allow our LP Directors the freedom to operate within the framework set in place under the IGP and sub-policies, which will provide for regular monitoring and reporting to our Trustees.

It is anticipated that the new entity will be up and running towards the end of the year.

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